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වැහි පීලී කර්මාන්ත ශාලාවක යන්ත්‍ර සූ

වැහි පීලී කර්මාන්ත ශාලාවක භාවිතා කරනලද වැහි පීලී නිශ්පාදන යන්ත්‍ර 01 ...

2017-06-12 05:10:13


Pipe Bending Macjhine

1/2" to 2" pipe bender Not Used. Brand new Condition Money Urgent Going cheaper than Market price ...

2017-06-12 04:53:15


MIG. TIG Welding Machine

GAS Shield Welder MIG & TIG with MIG wire KC281.0mm 15 kg and Mig Wire M308L1.0mm 12.5 Kg Not Used, Brand new Condition with all boxes & packings Going cheaper than the ...

2017-06-11 12:36:25


LED Big video screen

indoor,outdoor,led display ,led video wall,led video panel video picture animation,effects any event wedding Dj Partys stage show, fashion show, school event compan ...

2017-06-10 08:53:35


cnc wood carvings

all kinds of wooden doors and carvings in cnc robotic technology ...

2017-06-09 12:52:07


Concrete mixer / කොන්ක්‍රීට් මික්සර් / கான்க்ரீ

කොට්ට බාගය කොන්ක්‍රීට් මික්සර් / Concrete mixer දිනපතා ගෝලයන් 6ත් - 8ත් අතර වැ ...

2017-06-09 12:49:33


River Sand For Sale - Kantale

Mahaweli River Sand from Kantale / Mutur. 3.5 CUBES Loads. 100% good quality sand. Suitable for any construction purpose. We are supplying for Kegalla, Gampaha, Colombo distric ...

2017-06-07 01:27:33


Teak wine barrels

තේක්ක වයින් බැරල් 1) 1.5L වයින් බැරලයක් Rs.5000 / - 2) 2.25L වයින් බැරලයක් Rs.5900 / - 3) 3L ව ...

2017-06-06 05:03:26


semi cement block machine

cement block making machine and cement mixr 200 ps pvc palette 4 moulds ...

2017-06-05 12:16:17


Block Gal Machine

Used Block Gal Machine. Aduwen Pavichi kara lada , etha Hoda thathwaye pawathi. 5” & 4 “ Blocks 2 k atha , Aka warakata 2 k laba gatha heka. Price Can be negotiable ...

2017-06-05 12:04:03


Reusable Bags

Save the planet and help the needy. These Reusable bags were handmade made by this family and they are hoping to make a living by selling them. The prices are as follows: Small ...

2017-06-04 12:08:53


water bottle 19L

Bavitha karana lada plastic 19L watura boothal avashyai ...

2017-06-03 23:27:57


කොට්ට බාගය කොන්ක්‍රීට් මික්සර් / Concrete mixe

Concrete mixer / කොන්ක්‍රීට් මික්සර් / கான்க்ரீட் கலவை / Cement mixer දිනපතා ගෝලයන් 6 ...

2017-06-02 13:25:54


tempered glass

To supply, inclusive of Transport 10mm temp. glass - Rs.385/=,12mm-Rs.415/=,8mm - 330/=,6mm- 250/=.To supply and install, inclusive of transport and other materials 12mm- Rs.750/=, ...

2017-06-01 11:45:49


Imported Tool Kits for sale

Imported Tool Kits with Japanese Technology 15 items 30 units are avaliable ...

2017-06-01 11:44:17


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