Combined maths paper class

Combined maths paper class

Post by HMT Hellarawa 2017-11-24 02:48:04

Combined Mathematics (English Medium) conducted by a B.Sc. Engineering graduate with immense experience in teaching AL Mathematics over 15 years and proven best results. Course designed to cover the entire syllabus within a short period of time effectively targeting the examination by raising student's performance to achieve a higher University Rank. Conducting Classes for THEORY/ RAPID THEORY/ REVISION/ PAPERS Home visits in COLOMBO and suburbs for Individual Classes. Weekdays Evening @ 5.00-7.15 PM or 7.30- 9.45 PM or Morning @ 6.00- 8.15 AM Eng. H.M.T.HELLARAWA. B. Sc. Engineering. [University of Peradeniya]

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