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FB advertisers

Post by Chamari 2017-12-05 15:44:09

*** Do you use Facebook? Have you ever Earn from FB? Yes you can earn money by using FB. Join With Us *** # You have to work at Facebook # We are collecting FB Accounts # You have to Add minimum 4,500-5,000 friends for a FB account and submit us # For 01 FB accounts we are giving Rs. 1,000/= # Membership fee is Rs. 5,000/= # Membership valid for 02 Years # You can renew your membership after 02 years. To renew your membership it takes ONLY Rs. 2,500/= # You Can submit us UNLIMITED Accounts # Our Company is the ONLY place which giving money for using FB Anyone can Join with us who are having General Knowledge in using Facebook 1016C

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